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02 July 2019 (03:16) Server is going down later today for atleast 5 hours.
18 June 2019 (15:41) Been abit inactive for a week due to change of medication, which made me really tired and no energy. I promise to come with fixes & updates :)
06 June 2019 (20:34) Please update The client, as alot of new Sprite has been added and you will debug otherwise. A big patch note will soon be available.
28 May 2019 (11:39) Alot is happening and with that, i've decided to make the first character wipe for this Beta and probably the only one as i dont plan on having the server in [Beta] For much longer ;)
27 May 2019 (17:29) Server will be offline for a couple of hours to apply an update. Also I've decided to remove support for normal Client and started working on a Custom client. This way more items can be added and alot more customizability!