20 November 2021 (14:26)
Revolution Era V2 is ending on the 23rd november.

Thank you all so much for playing on this era and i truly hope you had some fun atleast!

The server will be undergoing alot of changes to prepare for V3.

30 August 2021 (15:35)
You can now upgrade your Eldritch Weapon into a Gilded Eldritch Weapon.
4 new Mid level spawns (Shinobi, Runic Golem, Brown Bashmu, Angler).
4 New Tasks (Shinobi, Runic Golem, Brown Bashmu, Angler).
Quivers should now correctly give stats.
Tooltip text for mind crystal was changed a little.
Added names to alot of items that were missing it. (Mainly ground items etc).
Death loss boost that got introduced has been nerfed abit.
Honey Boo Boo & Glitzy Task was fixed.

Swipe spell has been fixed.
Chain Blast damage was increased.

The website had a small little update to correct the images on equipment panel.
19 August 2021 (01:01)
A new quest is available at Itemlevel 7000.
Shaders has been added to the server. ( Quests & Store )
World Boss Monsters now grant more experience.
Regalia of Seraph quest items now have a 1 hour CD instead of 24h.
Fixed the Dungeon chests not working.

Scout vocation has had their Defenses increased.

4 New Mounts in the store. (Santa, Ice Flaming Lupos, Neon Sparkid & Blackpelt)
1 New Outfit in the store. (Discoverer)
2 New Shaders in the store. (Rainbow Shader & Rainbow Outline Shader)

[Next update]
Eldritch Weapons upgradable to Gilded Eldritch.
New Dungeon
and more content.
13 August 2021 (08:55)
A new quest is available at itemlevel 7000.
6 New spells.
2 New Spawns at Ascended Hunts.
2 New Tasks.
Server save is now once every 15 minute.
Pets max level is now 100.
New Mounts in Store.
Heirlooms now cost 500 instead of 600.
Hanna now offers an additional quest.

Fixed a bug that could prevent certain bosses from spawning.
Fixed a text bug.
23 July 2021 (01:03)
Death Loss percent has been changed, players should now lose more experience the higher level they're, capping at 1500+.
Lucid Caverns now display the correct rewards.
Removed +Fistskill on some items.
Lucid Caverns 1h Weapons now have less Crit.
The exp in some quests were nerfed.
Gobo Spawn is fixed.
Certain corpses didn't ever expire.
Warrior's Now gain 25 Rage on Attacks and 15 on Getting Hit. From 30/25.
Mr. Krabs task now work again.
Molten Plate was added to rashid.
Greatmace of Durin is now 2h.
Removed Fist Weapons from some quests.
Both mage vocations should now be able to wear eldritch rod & wand.

Scout now has a new spell at lvl 475. (Unforgiving Cut, 2Sec CD)
Scout's meleeDamage was increased.
Warrior's meleeDamage scaling was reduced. (was already in effect)
Warrior's base attack speed was reduced by 10%.
Squire's base defense & armor was increased.

Ice Lich movement speed was increased.
Arcane Barrage PvP damage was increased from 20 to 30.
Arcane Barage formula was increased slightly.
Supernova PvP damage was increased from 35 to 40.
Supernova's formula was increased slightly.
Berserker's Rage attack speed was reduced from 15% to 10%.
Blade Rush formula was decreased slightly.
Destroyer's Rage was changed and now adds(Your attack speed is increased by 15%, Crit chance by 10 & Crit amount by 20%.)(This was already in effect)
Great Spinning Axe PvP Damage was increased from 10 to 15.
Rockstorm's PvP damage was increased from 25 to 30.
Rockstorm's formula was reduced abit.
Smashing Throw's PvP damage was reduced from 40 to 30.
Spinning Axe's PvP damage was reduced from 15 to 10.
Risen Destroyer's Damage was reduced by 10%.
Risen Destroyer no longer has physical immunity.
Risen Destroyer now lasts for 30 seconds from 45.
Thrust's PvP Damage was increased from 15 to 25.
Vitality now lasts 2 seconds instead of 3.
Zeus Strike's PvP damage was increased from 25 to 35.
Zeus Strike's formula was reduced by 10%.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Continuing Below
23 July 2021 (01:02)
Recurring Strikes PvP damage was increased from 20 to 25.
Death Cleave's PvP damage was increased from 15 to 25.
Death Cleave's Formula was increased by 20%.
Devastate now spins 4 times.
Devastate's PvP damage is now 40.
Devastate's formula was increased by 10%.
World Breaker's PvP damage was increased from 30 to 35.
World Breaker's formula was increased by 25%.
True Defense spell should no longer add the Berserker's Rage Buff Icon.
True Defense now lasts 40 seconds.
True Defense cooldown was reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.
True Defense now increases your HP% by 20% from 10%.
Quick Draw's PvP damage was Increased from 25 to 35.
Quick Draw's formula was increased by 10%.
Quick Draw should now scale properly with ammo.
Diamond Arrows formula was increased by 15%.
Diamond Arrows is now an AoE around your character instead of targeted AoE.
Diamond Arrows should now scale properly with ammo.
Power Shot's PvP damage was increased from 40 to 45.
Power Shot should now scale properly with ammo.
Arrow Dance should now scale properly with ammo.
Barrage should now scale properly with ammo.
Chain Blast should now scale properly with ammo.
Ice Lich's PvP damage was increased from 25 to 30.
Ice Lich's scaling increased by about 10%.
Death Lotus's PvP damage was increased from 20 to 30.
Death Lotus's formula was increased by 25%.
Death Lotus's cooldown was reduced from 4 seconds to 3.
Ring of Blades formula increased 20%.

Fixed a few minor map errors.
Added a new statue to Kushville's graveyard.
20 July 2021 (10:29)
Cooldown Reduction should now work properly.
Skilling while dual wielding should be fixed.
A new quest has been added for itemlevel 5000. ( Offers best weapons )
Task system was fixed.
14 New Tasks has been added.
You now require 2500 Item level to enter the room to spawn Voldemort.
Ultimate Book quest is now obtainable for Duelist promo aswell.
Scouts meleeDamage was buffed from 1.2 to 1.3.
Warriors meleeDamage was nerfed from 1.4 to 1.2.
Fixed a house bug in VIP Island.
Quiver's should now add stats.
Monsters should now react quicker.

Dragon's Den monsters experience was nerfed.
Lucifer's Hell monsters experience was nerfed.
Alot of monsters in Ascendancy Hunts got buffed, More monster density & they grant more experience.
Fist items were removed from bosses.

Spinning Axe PvP damage was lowered
Great Spinning Axe PvP damage was lowered.
Recurring Strikes PvP damage was lowered.
Searing Strike PvP damage was lowered.
Smashing Throw PvP damage was lowered.
Swipe PvP damage was lowered.
Thrust PvP damage was lowered.
Zeus Strike PvP damage was lowered.
Rock Storm PvP damage was lowered.
Vitality healing was reduced abit.
Salvation Spells were buffed abit for Rangers.
Chain Blast pvp damage was buffed.
Ice Rain was changed to Diamond Arrows (Now deals Physical damage)
Ice Lich AoE spell now deals physical damage instead of ice.
Arcane Barrage cooldown was reduced from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.
Supernova PvP damage was lowered a tiny bit.
Death Lotus mana cost increased to 400 from 300.
Devastate has been buffed.
World Breaker has been buffed.
Hoarfrost has been buffed.
You can no longer use heal friend spell across the map.
Bandage no longer scales with Magic Level, Now scales with Skills.
Scouts now have a new healing spell at level 250. (Great Bandage)

Scouts has had their defense increased.
Squires has had their defense increased.
17 July 2021 (20:35)
Server save is now more frequent.
Hellflayer Task fixed.
Ice Yeti Task fixed.
Added a new spawn in Ascended Area.
Ultimate Book quest now requires 2300 ilvl.
Duelist quests work as they should now.
Wand of Manamully is working again.
Spirit Stat no longer gives mana to Warriors.
Flask of Rage now gives 2% mana.
Fixed a tooltip error on Flask of Rage.

Dungeon of Manamully should now work as it should.
Dungeon of Quetzalcoatl should now work as it should.

Void Reaper's pvp damage was lowered.
Ice Lich's pvp damage was lowered.
Max summon is now 1.
Chain Blast now chains 1 more time.
Quick Draw cooldown reduced from 4s to 3s.
A small fix for Cosmic Insight.
Warrior's party buff spell is now a Self buff. (Condemning Shine)
Destroyer Rage should now give the correct 25% attack speed, 15% Crit chance & 20% Crit amount.
Summon Risen Destroyer mana reduced from 30% to 20%.
Blasting & Killer Flower formula was adjusted a tiny bit.
Seed of life should now grant mana to the caster.
Acolyte's passive has been put on hold.
Levitate now costs 0 mana.
Cure All now costs 0 mana.
Haste now costs 0 mana.
Some healing spells were fixed.
Paladins exura san, gran san and max san now scales with Skill instead of ml only.
Mana Shield is now toggle again. Use it to enable and use it again to disable.
10 July 2021 (07:14)
RevolutionOT V2 Launches in

RevolutionOT V2 Launches in

No Reborn!
Dual Wielding only for Scouts.
New Vocation (Warrior/Beserker/Destroyer) Focuses on 2H, AoE and self buffs. (Rage Generation Voc)
New Quests & Spawns for Ascended characters.
Boosted Damage, Attack Speed & Cooldown Reduction can be rolled on Gear.
Tamer Vocation Removed.
Dungeons only offer 2 difficulties now, (Solo & Party/Raid)
Dungeons list is also now in order of difficulty from easiest on the top to hardest on the bottom.
Quest monster spawns experience has been decreased alot in order to prevent players from grinding only inside quests.
Experience & Skills rate has been lowered as there's no Reborn anymore.
No more stat sticks in arrow slot.
Task system reworked.
Ultimate Spell Quest.
Supply Stash ( Inside Depot you'll be able to put all stackable items into a Supply Stash)
Item Tooltips has been updated.
Snowball Event fixed.
New Shop Center.
Alot of items has been reworked.
No more resistances on majority of dungeon gear.
You cannot kill your own summon with AoE attacks anymore.
More unlockable Achievements.
Mount lures are now usable on mounts.
Unlockable Shaders for your outfit coming.
Global Buffs (Exp/Skill/Gold/Item)
Reworked Passives skills for each vocation.
Reworked Spells for each vocation.
More info regarding Passives & Spells.

And so much more.

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