25 October 2020 (16:23)
Fixed damage formulas on alot of Scout Spells that was missing an important factor.
Added a new single target spell to Squires (Heavy Strike)
Added/Fixed Freezing Pulse for Acolytes a very strong AoE Spell.
Added a new spell Sudden Pulse for Apprentice's reborn 1.
Shield Slam's damage has been increased.
Galactical Stars CD has been reduced to 2 seconds, but is also reborn level 2 now instead of 1.
Quick Draw has been buffed so its not outperformed by Barrage.
Rain of Arrows Cooldown has been reduced to 2 seconds.
Cyclone was nerfed by 10% ish.
Ice lich & Void Reaper has been buffed.
Meatslicer has been fixed and you can now summon 2 of them.

Attributes should now actually be working properly without having to relog.
Hopefully finally fixed the tile bug which makes invisible floor tiles.
You can now get chancing token from clear tokens.
Reborn Monsters has been reworked abit. Should now be worth actually hunting them.

Reborn Area 2 Added.
2 New spawns.
25 October 2020 (03:06)
Fix for reborn on Highscores page.

Fixed stacking issue.
Updated Tooltips.
Passives has been enabled again.

Kills to Red skull is 25 / Black 50.
Decreased the time for a frag to 2 hours.
Fishing monsters now drops gold.
Added 6 new Tasks (can be found in 400+ Door)
The level 400 Weapons Quest now gives Tamer weapons.
Max amount of items per tile is now 25.
Added non-pvp Zone in Innocence lobby room.
You can now use !exchange to convert 5x Dungeon Token into 1x of the next Tier.
Fishing Island is now non-pvp zone.
Attributes not registering has been fixed
Added Damaged Worker Golems south of the City.
Added Fist Skill to a few dungeon sets.
All events are temporarily disabled while working on some issues with them.

Squire damage has been fixed from World Breaker spell.
Stone wave has been buffed with damage and lowered CD to 2 sec instead of 6.
Ego Potentia sanguis word is now rage instead.
Disabled polymorph & tree of life spell for now.
Adjusted a few spells.
Utito Tempo should now grant Melee Skill.
Many spells has had their CDS adjusted.
24 October 2020 (04:53)
Fixed a few tooltip errors.
Fixed the client freezing issue in pvp.
Updated Client for Tooltip error and a potential freeze/crash. (So make sure you restart your client)

White Skull is now 5 minutes.
PZ is 15 seconds instead of 30 seconds.

Reduced CD on Death Daggers from 10 seconds to 4 seconds.
Sennen Garoshi has gotten a WELL Deserved buff.
Elemental Shiv has gotten a buff.
Graveyard Blast has gotten a buff.
A few spells has been disabled while being reworked to not freeze clients.
Inproper Justice spell scaling has been increased by alot.

Added Protection Zone in Golden Viviporous stair.
World Boss Zones now has Non-PVP.
11 October 2020 (07:19)
05 October 2020 (19:01)
Release Patch
Added missing item images to the website.
Fixed a website error in the shop.
Added a Download Client button to the sidebar.
Added more information to the wiki & Changed some already added stuff.
Added Rules page.
By verifying your account you sign up for our newsletter.
Added more information on the downloads page.
Updated Features page. (revamp coming)
Updated spells page.
Updated Pets page.

All dungeons can now drop a full set for each vocation, and weapons.
Boosted the chance to get items from dungeons.
Fixed Dungeon NPCs.
Added more loot to custom monsters.
Fixed over 200 pieces of equipment not adding stats.
Fixed a bug where World boss portal wouldn't work.
Autoloot is now free for everyone and not only VIP.
Switched the dungeons The Dreamer & Soul of Ferumbras.
Buffed the monsters in Dungeon of Manamully.
Fixed alot of monsters, so they can walk on fields.
Added a video trailer.
Added more Scout & Tamer weapons to dungeons.
Added more items to Rashid.
Hanna's quest chain is now abit longer.
You can now sell dungeon equipment to the Dungeon NPC's.
There are now more pets available including more rideable pets.
Everyone in party now gets task kill count.

Added Revolution OTClient.
Fixed updater for OTClient.
Added fully working ingame store for OTClient.
Item Tooltips has been added.
Removed Default Tibia Client support.

Did a very thorough look into the balance of the vocation spells. And changed formulas accordingly.
Added more custom spells to all vocations. Check
Damage over time spells now work as they should.

Fixed a few things on the map.
Fixed a map bug in Defoks quest which allowed you to walk on lava.
Fixed a level door in a quest that had the wrong level requirement.
Added Roulette in Gambling Island's Depot +1 (Good Rewards)
Removed the empty chest in The Dreamer's boss room.
There is now a Teleport back from VIP Medal Quest.
Removed the invisible paralyzers inside Vip Medal Quest.
28 September 2020 (20:22)
Transfered the server to a VPS. :)
Tamers has gotten the very needed buff it deserved.
All tamer pets now scale with Attack * Skill * 0.XX.
Tamer pets now gets increased health depending on your level.
Changed the level of spirit wolfs to 85 from 225.
Added 2 new summons.
Replaced a tamer spell for a new one.
Fixed a bug where Zigarath wouldnt spawn.
Added new weapons for early tamers & scouts.
Added tamer & scout weapons to more quests.
Fixed a few weapons not working as intended.
Changed a few quests.
Task spawns has been enabled again. You must have 91 task points in order to pass through the door.
Added commands page to wiki.
Fixed a bug with Addon NPC Varkhal.
Added pet system again. ( )
26 October 2019 (05:15)
Updating your client is HIGHLY recommended to prevent debugging

Task NPC has been reworked to offer a more stylish layout with modal windows instead of plain text.
Website has gotten an update to its frontpage where you can now see patch notes.
Changed some starter items.
Some fixes on the map has been applied.
The autoloot system has been reverted as the new one contained some bugs.
!bless has been updated to work with bank and the prices has been changed.
Scouts & Tamers should now deal more damage with auto attacks! Issue has been fixed.
Scouts can now use strong health potions, great health potions.
Added invisible immunity to alot of mosters that was missing it.
Rage spell has been fixed and the wording for it too, Now deals damage but increases your damage by 10%. "ego potentia sanguis"
A requested feature has been implemented, which was to allow players with Reborn rank 1+ to equip gear without any level requirements stopping them.
Dragonites have stopped spewing broken letters.
The Tamer spell Spirit wolfs should now be working.
Fixed some quests which wouldn't allow you to open the chest incase you were the same level as the quest.
exana all (cure all conditions spell) has been fixed!
Pretty much EVERY AoE spell has gotten a rework and formula change.
Orb of Health and Orb of Rage now grants mana.
Dungeon drops from bosses has gotten an update.
Some new items has been added (fishing???)
10 New mounts has been added.
King Cesar should've been selling item level 30 base manamully items but were selling item level 1. It has been fixed.
23 October 2019 (22:43)
Last Beta with a Character wipe is here before the release in January!

80+ New monsters has been added.
25 New Outfits.
41 New Mounts.
2 New Npcs.
A New Points system has been added which allows for Health(1%), Mana(1%), Attackpower(1%) and Magicpower(2%) to be appointed. One point is assigned each 25th level up to 500 and then each 50th level, and once each 100th level after 1000+
Added a few more questions to the Trivia.
Enraged monsters now appear as raids.
Website Shop has been updated with Outfit / Mount Images.
5 New Spawns has been added to the Reborn 5+ Area.
Monsters in Reborn area has been nerfed both in Both Health and Experience.( It was the rates that Reborn 10+ should have).
Fixed a bug where when you leveled up you would lose hp to your "base hp" instead of your current max hp.
Autofeed has been added, All you need to do once you login is use food once and it'll keep eating.
Website change: Verifying your email now grants you 50 store points.
Reborn Area 1 is finished.
Reborn Area 5 is finished.
Added 10 New monsters which can be found in Reborn areas.
Outfit bonuses has been removed as i dont see any point in it. Could be seen as p2w if used wrong.
Revscripts has been added to the source code (Thank you @Oen)
A new boss encounter (Innocence) Has been added. See video.
Website got an update to fix the broken images in long tables.
60 new images added for character equipment.
The Sailor spawn has been changed to not represent a 5 minute mapping work.
A new high level Quest has been added. 'Lucifers Hell'
A new NPC which offers a quest
Mage spells has been buffed.
Fixed some quests where you would only get 1 pair of fist gloves instead of 2.
18 October 2019 (02:39)
A new high level quest has been added and can be found +1 in quest hub.(400+)

The new Quest Undead Ruler's quest monsters has been buffed alot, be careful in there. preferably bring a team (200+)

Pyro frogs has been added to Taskigt Verre NPC as another task.

Paladins can no longer use their points to upgrade magic level.

AoE spells no longer deal damage to party members.

Added a new spell for level 300+ Promoted Mages smiley

Carapace shield added to rashid.

Added some new items to The Master's Task and above room monsters.

Added Non PVP zones in some quests.

14 Achievements has been added

104 New items has been added to the website's item list.

There is now a Dino & Figeater Spawn in Reborn +1 Area.

Team Battle event has been added.

Added 7 new spawns.

You can now Upgrade your items rarity from Common > Rare > Epic > Legendary +1 floor in Temple/Depot.
There is an Anvil next to the NPC Tubal-Cain. Added a new quest.

Some AoE spells has gotten nerfed in damage.

Portal Orb has been fixed to show the correct Cooldown left before you can use it again.

Default requirements from items has been removed.

Limitless crystal should now work properly.

Max Movement speed is now 1500 Instead of 750.

Herbs has been added around the world which can be collected for Alchemy :)

And lots more to come :)
07 August 2019 (23:58)
Last patch notes can be found here :)

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