Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
27 November 2019 (07:39)
Dragon's Den has been added. (Reborn Dungeon).
Fixed over 40 Map tile bugs.
Fixed a bug where sometimes monsters could randomly one shot you (in Azmodan, Seraph, Dragon's Den) monsters.
Added T2 & T3 Upgrade Catalysts to Upgearia.
Display button is now back to Rarity Upgrader.
19 November 2019 (07:27)
Everyone who attacks a boss should now get loot.
Added a new quest.
Changed hp on the monsters inside level 150 fist weapon quest.
Innocence should now work as it was designed.
Added possibility for Daily quests.
fixed some map bugs.
Firestorm Event has been fixed!
Zombie Event has been fixed!
Azmodan has been added.
Some items were not getting registered correctly.
Item level requirement spots has been added to the server.
Upon succesfully killing Seraph a portal now appears.
Boosted the amount of tokens you get on Extreme difficulty dungeons.
T1-T6 equipment from the NPC's now costs 10 tokens per equipment and 15 for weapons. T7 requires 15 per equipment and 20 for weapons.
Added the commands !mining & !herbalism to check your current skill.
16 November 2019 (01:04)
All Dungeons now display the possible loot with the correct % chance.
Damage attributes such as Ice, Fire, Earth, Death, Holy, Energy, Physical Can now only be rolled on Weapons & Shields.
You can no longer cross transfer an items Attributes from for example a Weapon to a pair or boots and vice versa. This is to prevent players from enchanting a Weapon and then transfering those stats to for example boots which normally can't roll those attributes.
Added a new spawn (Hell Rats)
Alot of monsters exp & hp ratio has been changed.
Reworked Reborn Area 3+ and monsters inside.
Reborn experience reduction is now 2.5% per Reborn instead of 5%.
Removed Daily Reward Mummy in Depot.
Some minor map bugs has been fixed.
Water Dragon was not using 2 of his spells, but is now fixed.
13 November 2019 (11:37)
Each Dungeon is now Tiered and will award Dungeon Tokens depending on dungeon.
You can use these tokens to purchase the items from said dungeon.
Glacious now drops items.
Chance to fail with Soul Token is now 30%.
Herbalism & Mining has gotten fixed abit.
Fishing island has been added (Only place you can fish)
Fishing Boss Added which can drop Fishing gear.
60 new items added, alot of different weapons, sets
11 November 2019 (07:31)
A new dungeon has been added, Glacial Valley.
Fixed Dungeon Chests for Hannas missons.
Increased the density in alot of higher level spawns.
Removed the 91 task point requirement for the spawns south and put level requirement instead.
Ammunitions damage has been nerfed.
The quest chest with a note inside should now work properly.
Mana trinket quest has been added.
Crossbows and Bows are now 1 handed.
Attack damage on Dual wielding and attack speed has been changed.
Changed Reborn 5 area to Require 3 reborns.
Unidentified items will now drop more often.

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