Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
13 November 2019 (11:37)
Each Dungeon is now Tiered and will award Dungeon Tokens depending on dungeon.
You can use these tokens to purchase the items from said dungeon.
Glacious now drops items.
Chance to fail with Soul Token is now 30%.
Herbalism & Mining has gotten fixed abit.
Fishing island has been added (Only place you can fish)
Fishing Boss Added which can drop Fishing gear.
60 new items added, alot of different weapons, sets
11 November 2019 (07:31)
A new dungeon has been added, Glacial Valley.
Fixed Dungeon Chests for Hannas missons.
Increased the density in alot of higher level spawns.
Removed the 91 task point requirement for the spawns south and put level requirement instead.
Ammunitions damage has been nerfed.
The quest chest with a note inside should now work properly.
Mana trinket quest has been added.
Crossbows and Bows are now 1 handed.
Attack damage on Dual wielding and attack speed has been changed.
Changed Reborn 5 area to Require 3 reborns.
Unidentified items will now drop more often.
09 November 2019 (23:39)
A completly new Dungeon System has been added which has queue system.
A new attribute system has been added.
Fixed some weapons not working properly.
You now gain 5% less experience per Reborn.
Auto bless has been added if the player has VIP status. (Still need money)
Tweaked the mining system abit.
You should no longer be able to get stuck in the world boss room for Innocence.
Removed Fire bomb from Pyro frogs and others.
Fixed some minor map bugs.
Rainbow Falcon no longer randomizes between addons.
Lucifer's Hell is Finished.
Bogleech & Quetzalcoatl not spawning sometimes fixed.
Fixed some items not working properly like judgement rod and crit chance from the set.
Added 4 new spawns for 300+.
You no longer debug from sphinx.
Fixed some grammatical errors.
You should now be able to leave a party without having to relog.
Some melee weapon's didn't register Crit.
03 November 2019 (02:41)
All monsters should now drop loot including Dungeon monsters.
Over 150 monsters has gotten loot tables with different items.
You can now combine rarity items like common> rare, rare > epic(More on this soon)
Added item level cap on some more bosses.
Disabled classic equipment slots to prevent exploits. Dual wielding still works.
Dungeon Quetzalcoatl (team) now works properly.
Around 50 Reported map bugs had been fixed.
Removed % Hitpoints & Manapoints from gear(Like King boots, King helmet and some more).
Tweaked some spells.
You can no longer use Portal Orb in HC dungeon.
01 November 2019 (00:22)
Changed the look on upgrading items.
Fixed crit not working.
Added new reborn spells.
Gold reward from tasks now will be added to the bank.
Trying to upgrade item from +7 to +9 without upgrade catalyst in BP will show warning message.
Fixed a bug with autoloot.
Utori step can now longer be used to step into other peoples houses x)
Fixed bonuses not applying properly in case of same items.
Fixed some map bugs.
Bought golden highlight for the server on Otservlist.
The wiki has gotten updated ALOT, make sure to check it out to gain more information about our systems etc.
stats should now properly show up on all pieces of equipment such as Crit chance on amulets, armors yadayada :).
Removed Mind Crystal from the Slot Machine.
Mining now grants more experience towards your mining skill.
You can now craft potions from collected herbs via the Alchemy system.
Dungeons should no longer kick you out to early(fixed again).
Grandmasters new reborn spell was updated abit.
Removed physical immunity from monsters.
Fixed a bug with King Cesar.
Fixed a bug in leveling up rewards.
Labans & Pyrofrogs spawn rate has been nerfed.
Innocence(Boss) has been added to the server and spawns as a raid.
Spells has been rebalanced.
To Reborn at the reborn npc you need to first deequip your items.
Fixed an issue with Death Lotus(Assassins reborn spell)
Added pvp scaling for spells.
Fixed an issue that would give you the wrong item upon leveling up.
All Dungeons bosses loot rate has been doubled.
Some higher level bosses no longer respawn unless certain criterias are met(Like going past a door)
Item Sets have been removed.