Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
16 May 2019 (20:09) Xlogging on Trainers now lets you continue training untill next server restart.
10 May 2019 (05:24) Knights has gotten its spell rework. And all spells has gotten a rebalance. Manashield is now Toggle [on/off] by using the spell.
09 May 2019 (05:07) Mining veins has been added to each and every spawn. (Dora sells the tool) Added a few more custom spawns replacing the current ones. Changed around some exp/hp ratio on some monsters. Random gem's has had its look changed as to allow stacking.
07 May 2019 (04:47) Pets has been fixed again (Thanks Xagul), You can now reset your character and save 10% of your maximum Health&Mana per Reset. Available at lvl [500]. Max resets are set to 10 atm. Vip Island now has houses and Npcs.
04 May 2019 (18:01) Firestorm Event has been fixed. Snowball Event has been fixed. Zombie Event has been added. Bomberman Event is being worked on. Tower Defense Event is being worked on.