Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
19 March 2019 (03:52) The !points system has been fixed! Thanks to Lord Danat for the huge amount of help and kindness! Next plan is to work on a big update content wise. Its getting closer.
10 March 2019 (21:51) Player Auction has been added, 11 New custom monsters New Task NPC in the Destroyer Ranks and Above task Room. Hannas sister has been tasked to hand out new missions. 3 New hard quests.
16 February 2019 (04:41) Changed around some items, Added 10 new weapons that drops from Manamully on Extreme difficulty. Fix individual loot of dungeon bosses depending on difficulty. Added Quest tracker for some quests. Added Loot channel. Summons now follow you everywhere.
13 February 2019 (01:44) Changed Revolution client to skip the update message. Added Crit, Mana leech , Life Leech. 1 New quest. Fixed Potential NPC ddos/crash. Updated website with more info. Added Gem Slot remover.
10 February 2019 (04:54) Added 5th dungeon, changed some formulas on spells, made it possible to run while shooting runes without that annoying exhaust, added 2 new quests, added mounts & outfits info on the website under server info. Changed around some spawns.