Big changes to monster level & loot this patch!">
Patch notes 0.0.5

Patch notes 0.0.5

Runes and loot changes
- Added raw rarity attribute to items
- Runes have raw rarity to indicate their rarity (duh)
- Loot quantity now scales with monster level
- Loot chance and quantity bonus normalized
- Fixed gold from normal drops to not go into bank
- Removed "Nothing" drop from loot channel
- Runes are now placed in your Stash (Inside Depot) upon being looted.

[Passive Tree]
Juggernaut's double Armor from Body Armor fixed.
Nerfed physical, melee phys and ranged phys nodes on the Passive Tree.

Increased the chance of finding Game Tokens from fishing.
Monster level formula has been reworked.
Physical as extra Elemental fixed
Previously it used any damage type, not physical
Mods were not applied to area attacks, fixed
Boss kill description now says "1000+ kills" and not "1000+ kils".
Ascended Hunts Tile fix for task requirement.

Dungeon rewards will now drop as unidentified and can roll rarity aswell.
Dungeon difficulty will now apply to monsters.

War Cry skill added to Juggernaut at level 130.
War Cry's cooldown was reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.
Fan of Knives skill added to Trickster at level 130.
Trickster's & Rangers may now use Spin.
Death Dagger's cooldown was reduced to 2 seconds from 4 seconds.
Frost Blade's range was increased to 4 sqm from 2.
Ultimate Icestorm's radius was updated to match Firestorm's.
Ultimate Firestorm's & Icestorm's CD was decreased to 2 seconds from 4 seconds.
Ultimate Firestorm's & Icestorm's PvP damage was set to 20% from 30%.
True Defense will now show the correct buff.
Magic level requirement on spells was removed.

Identification Wand added to store (Infinite ID wand)  

Life & Mana Steal buff fixed.

Enchanting & Alteration rune quest will now award you with 20 of each instead of 1.
Boots of Haste Quest now shows correct level requirement.
Cobra Quest lever now works.
Cobra Quest should now let you pick an award.

Added a few new spawns & reworked alot of monsters level & power.
Vampyr no longer drops Nightmare boots, but instead Vampire Silk Slippers (rarely).
Molten Shade's melee damage was decreased by 15%.
Added max item level to 820 monsters that were missing it.

Poisonous Shuriken's crit chance was reduced from 12% to 8%.
Poisonous Shuriken's attacck was reduced from 65 to 62.
Fixed a mistake with multiple pieces of gear not awarding stats.
Scalpel's chance of success was increased.
Mystic Turban's Energy Shield was increased to 37 from 18.

Warrior's Axe can now be sold for 11000.
Poisonous Shuriken can now be sold for 34000.
Sun Spirit Wand can now be sold for 19000.
Shrunken Head Necklace can now be sold for 16000.
Terra Shiv can now be sold for 13000.
Kurdaitcha Belt can now be sold for 14000.
Staff of Keys can now be sold for 16000.
Hive Bow can now be sold for 28000.
Shimmer Wand can now be sold for 3500.
Warrior's Shield can now be sold for 9000.
Leather Harness can now be sold for 750.

RevolutionOT Team