Patch Notes 0.0.6

Patch Notes 0.0.6

Patch notes worth of 2 days of work, we sorry for the delay.
Mystic is finally with us now, feel fry to try it out and leave feedback.
Our next priority is reworking most spells, reworking armor scaling and adding better spells system to the client.
As always, we appreciate your help with beta tests, however there is a lot of work still ahead of us.

Base Critical Damage for everyone is set to 100%
Added totem spells for Mystic
Holy Flame - fires multiple fire projectiles at the target and nearby tiles
Icicle - fires multiple ice projectiles into the air that then land on the target
Spark - fires lightning balls that jump around and bounce off the walls
Decoy - taunts enemies in large area
Rejuvenation - heals allies in large area
Mystic passives from keystone added

Ancient Rune was added, fills item slots with random enchants
All Yasir creature products can now be sold to Drop Sell Flame in temple.
Runes loot was slightly buffed
Mercenary Sword is no longer a 2h sword
Critical Srike Chance was removed from almost all items
Weapons now have base Critical Strike Chance
All previous Crit Chance on gear (except a few amulets & rings which was also nerfed) got removed
Sword of Destruction's damage was adjusted and is now a 2h
All Distance weapons now have local weapon Attack Speed aswell
Corrected more weapon types to the right one such as 'Club' on Club Weapons
Fixed a few ladders that were not working
Fireborn Helmet can now be sold for 19000
Helmet of the Ancients can now be sold for 15000
Shimmer Sword can now be sold for 3000
Yetislippers can now be sold for 20000
Toga Mortis can now be sold for 28000
Hellish Greataxe can now be sold for 35000

Righteous Fire will end when vocation is changed
Great Spinning Axe mana percent reduced to 20% from 25%.
Great Spinning Axe cooldown reduced to 5 seconds from 8 seconds.

[Upgrade System]
Increased Critical Strike Chance enchant added (modifies local weapon chance, not global)

[Passive Tree]
Fixed typo in Gladiator's keystone stats
Fixed 2 missing physical nodes
Physical damage (including melee and ranged) nerfed
Mind over Matter damage fixed
Passive Tree automatic reset of outdated tree added
Elemental Damage nodes buffed
Spell Damage nodes buffed
Maximum Mana nodes nerfed
Heart of Flame, Heart of Thunder and Heart of Ice, as well as their small nodes buffed
Melee and Ranged physical Attacks (aka "spells") now use 130% of Attack Speed as Global Cooldown
Mystic keystone description updated
Gladiator keystone description updated
Gladiator's Culling Strike updated, now % is halved for Bosses and Players

Gobs monsters exp was reduced by 250% to compensate for the density of their spawn
Mr. Krabs replaced with Buttlard.
Mr. Lava Lava replaced with Molten Shade.
Parasyte replaced with De Kunt.
Shokushu replaced with Ice Cutter.
Vocationals, Flameheads, Creepers, Glitzys, Ice Liches & Fire Spooder moved to 200+ Gate from Ascended Hunts.
Tomb Keeper new spawn at 200+ Gate.
Arachnoid new spawn at 200+ Gate.
Vixen new spawn at 200+ Gate.

Fixed multiple map bugs
New spawns in 200+ Gate to the left (Vixen, Tomb Keeper & Arachnoid)
Certain spawns moved from ascendacy to 200+ Gate

Balark's Volcano Dungeon will now spawn monsters inside
Fixed a few stairs in Tomb of Manamully that didn't work

Added Sacred Mage and Sunstriked Harpy to The Holys task
Fixed Guilds Buff Life and Mana Leech
Removed green loot text spam
Removed "Using last of..." text for Flasks
Adjusted +Critical Chance from Buffs to new values
3 New Tasks
Gelidrazah the Frozen boss task fixed.
Progress Bar on creatures improved
Fixed Ricochet triggering from ranged spells
Added Shops to Ascended Hunts.

Destroyer Outfit added to the store.
Samurai Outfit added to the store.
Bondage Outfit added to the store.
Royal Costume added to the store.

Remove All method in Upgrader now uses Ancient and Magnet Runes
Runes amount will be refreshed when you open Upgrader window
Currently selected Enchant/Reroll method will highlight which runes are gonna be used
Passive Points buttons added that will be displayed when there are points available to spend
Fixed Upgrader not refreshing item when upgrading level
Critical Damage in Skills window will display value in %
Added Block Attack Damage chance to Skills window
Shortened tasks name in Tasks Tracker

RevolutionOT Team