Patch notes 0.0.9

Patch notes 0.0.9

[Passive Tree]
Added new nodes to the tree (more attributes, big cluster of Energy Shield, big cluster of Evasion and Spell Suppression, Iron Will keystone, 2 small crit chance nodes and Crit Chance + Damage notable).
Jewels system is completed.
Added 3 base Jewels (Cobalt (int), Crimson (str) and Viridian (dex)).
Added 3 unique jewels (Combat Focus, one for each base jewel having different effect on Wild Strike).

[Upgrade System]
Unique items system was reworked and improved, you can expect uniques to appear soon.

Moltacious is no longer a farmable Boss inside a quest,You now only gain a Weapon from this quest, instead of grinding a boss for a full set.
King's Proudness quest will now award the item as item level 850 instead of 650.
Diabolic Skull quest gave a Weapon instead of the Skull.

Sets will now purely come from Dungeons.
Ammo slot is now 2nd ring slot.
Pearl Wand was fixed.
Wands with Magic Level implicit now also has Wand Skill implicit.
Fixed all items for level 900 Dungeon.
Golden Flask requirement was changed to 250 from 350.

[Divination Cards]
Some Divination Card sets now require more cards to finish the set.

Increased the chances of finding Runes again to what we hope is a better balance.
Monsters will no longer spawn if you're standing close to them, Due to this change we've increased the spawn rate by 3x.
We decided to remove item level requirement from quests and only use Levels and possibly Task Ranks in the future.
You can now teleport to Ascended Quests through the Teleporter.
Parcel NPC Removed.
Unicorn Spawn fixed first the last time.
More monsters which had high fire resistance has gotten it nerfed.
World Bosses Innocence & Azmodan has gotten buffed.

Battlemage's passive did not apply to Freezing Pulse, but now will.
Righteous Fire's Base Burn damage increased to 400 from 300.
Righteous Fire's Burn Damage per lvl increased to 3.5 from 2.
Righteous Fire's PVP Damage decreased to 20 from 30.
Amount of mana for each spell was nerfed once again.

RevolutionOT Team