Shop Offers

Everything is obtainable ingame!! See available Outfits and Mounts

  • Items will be delivered within 30 seconds. You may also type !shop to claim it instantly
  • You need to be logged in to use the shop.

    Item: Image: Count: Points:
    Stamina Refiller img 1x 250
    VIP Membership (30 days) img 1x 200
    VIP Membership (60 days) img 1x 380
    VIP Membership (90 days) img 1x 550
    Gender change doll img 1x 150
    Name change doll img 1x 200
    Outfit Doll (You get to pick which Outfit / Addon) img 1x 250
    Mount Doll (You get to pick 1 Mount per doll out of 103 different ones.) img 1x 200
    Infinite Food (You still need to eat it), But will never run out. img 1x 50
    Revolution Mystery Box, Can contain anything from the shop and some event items, dungeon tokens, game tokens. img 1x 200
    Tinkerbox (vol 32) is a large container that can hold most of your items. img 1x 50
    Frag remover (removes your frags and your red/black skull.) img 1x 200
    Potion of Manamully (50% boost in experience for 15 minutes. Using more than 1 will increase the time not the amount gained.) img 1x 100
    Rainbow Falcon (Use this to Toggle on/off Auto Rainbow outfit) img 1x 400
    Pick between 'Name an NPC after you' or 'Name a Boss after you' img 1x 3200
    Pixel Rainbow Mount img 1x 1000