Fair Play

What does this mean?

Fair play is a feature that makes it fair for everyone to play on the server

We have all played on these silly pay to win servers and pay to progress and nobody really likes them except for the daddy's visa kids.

So how are you making it fair?

First of all there is absolutely no Pay To Win items from the shop or any gear what so ever.

There are Enraged monsters all over the map in different spawns which could look like this.

They have a high chance of dropping Game tokens, which can be used to purchase Store items and other items from Tokeria Ingame.

All Events grants Store tokens & a couple of Game tokens. (Game tokens are used to purchase boosters, store tokens & other misc items in Temple).

I heard there is a VIP Island?

Yes you're correct, however! there are no Spawns or quests on the "VIP" Island, Its called Gamers island.

You can for example satisfy your gambling addiction on this island by playing Casino h/l & numbers with Mr. Casino & Ms. Casino

If you would like more information about the VIP system and its features follow this link: VIP System information


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