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11 January 2021 (14:45)
It is now time for Revolution V1 to end.
Server has been dead for a month now and its time to spice things up with alot of things coming and being changed for Revolution V2.
I hope you all enjoyed the server as much as possible!
Hope to see you in V2
16 November 2020 (10:54)
Portable Lootomatic added to the store.
CTF Was adjusted abit.
Bomberman Event is being added tomorrow.
Exp from PVP has been removed as its not a PVP-E Server.
Crit damage tooltip has been fixed, should now display your Crit Damage even above 100%.

You can now Inspect others and yourself and see detailed information.

World Breaker's pvp damage was nerfed abit.
Intense Wound Cleansing was adjusted.
Garrote no longer stuns.
12 November 2020 (12:58)
Added Physical Protection and All Protection to some shields.
Fixed a few issues with Capture the Flag Event.
Health and Mana is now displayed in Percent 0-100%
65550 Is No longer the max amount of hp/mana you can obtain.
Using an Elixir of Acidic Excellence will give you 100 million exp.
Wands PvP Damage were lowered by 10% PvP Damage.
Archers should now be able to Combo a few spells.
Apprentice has gotten a reworked passive.
One Handed Weapons has gotten its attack decreased.
Training Monks now has alot more Health and heals more often.

2 New Outfits added.

Some spell formulas were changed abit.
PvP Damage was decreased on some spells
10 November 2020 (01:32)
The stats system has been updated and re-enabled.
Hanna needed some sleep and has awoken again.
A resistance cap has been added Max resistance is now 50% and in pvp 25%
2 Monsters inside the new dungeon was abit overtuned and has been nerfed slightly.
Added a ammo for archers from the new Dungeon boss.
Two-handed melee weapons now grant 2 attack per 20 item level instead of 1 per 20.

You will now find the '!stats' inside the client, A new button in the top Menu.
A 'Check for update' button has been added in the login screen.
A Discord button was added to the login screen.
Text and icons was aligned better on the dark skin.
08 November 2020 (01:31)
A new dungeon has been added (Infernal Abyss) Requires Item level 4500 & Level 500 To enter.
It will cost 40 Game Tokens & 350,000 Gold to enter.
The new dungeon contains the best available sets.

Fixed an issue with manashield and upgrade system.
Temporarily disabled the stats system.
You can no longer gain elemental damage on helmets.
You can no longer gain mana steal on armors.
Death loss percent has been reverted.

Summons are now unattackable (Depending on feedback this may change again).
Seers has gotten a new spell (Blasting Flowers) for Reborn 5.
Alot of spells pvp scaling has gotten either buffed or nerfed.

Removed the option to donate 1$(fees and stuff)

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